The team at Fusion Project Personnel understand your recruiting requirements. Our team have extensive experience working in your industry, and we understand the importance of providing the very best people when you want them, where you want them.

Our Values

The world is about people

  • To get on in the world, you have to get on with the people around you
  • Your actions or inaction will effect your team mates, the company and our clients
  • A company name is just a name. The success of a company is due to its TEAM MEMBERS

You snooze you lose

  • Have a sense of urgency in everything you do
  • Do it now – time waits for no-one
  • Embrace the importance of TIME MANAGEMENT

Bring the mountain to Mohammed

  • Stre….tch…. set aggressive goals, have the self confidence to involve everyone and behave in a boundaryless fashion
  • There is nothing wrong with being different
  • Pursue the INNOVATIVE solution and believe ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

Life is about choice

  • We come to work each day because we choose to
  • When you make a choice, commit to it whole heartedly
  • Choose to be positive, happy, and undertake all that you do with PURPOSE


  • If it was easy everyone would be doing it!
  • As Edison said “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”
  • Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your ATTITUDE

Show me the money

  • Money is not a dirty word. It is not the most important thing in life, but we all need money to live the life we choose to live
  • We provide cost effective solutions to create PROSPERITY for our clients
  • We reward effort, progress and commitment to create PROSPERITY for our team members


  • Work and Rest
  • Risk versus reward
  • GIVE and TAKE

The last 1%

  • People always remember the LAST 1%
  • The LAST 1% is the difference between a good job and a great job
  • Good enough isn’t